Sirens to sound Wednesday for countywide tornado test

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WILMINGTON — Wilmington Police Communications will be setting off the tornado sirens countywide on Wednesday, March 21 at 9:50 a.m. as part of Ohio Spring Severe Weather Awareness Week.

As the severe weather season approaches, take some time during Severe Weather Safety Awareness Week to make a safety plan for your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Planning ahead will lower the chance of injury or death in the event severe weather strikes, advises Wilmington Police Chief Duane Weyand.

Tornadoes develop from severe thunderstorms. They are usually preceded by very heavy rain and/or large hail. A thunderstorm accompanied by hail indicates that the storm has large amounts of energy and may be severe. In general, the larger the hailstones, the more potential there is for damaging winds and/or tornadoes.

Whether practicing in a tornado drill or sheltering during a warning, the Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness encourages Ohioans to DUCK!

D- Get down to the lowest level

U- Get under something

C- Cover your head

K- Keep in shelter until the storm has passed

Just following that simple rule will help save lives. For more information, please go

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