BPD: Another false robbery reported

News Journal

BLANCHESTER — For the second time in two days, Blanchester police say residents reported separate recent robberies in the village — and that both instances were fabricated by the complainants.

On Saturday, March 3, a 15-year-old boy reported to Blanchester police that he had been robbed of cash at knife point by two teenagers while walking in the 200 block of Highland Avenue, according to Police Chief Scott Reinbolt, who added that the victim stated he knew the suspects and named them both.

Over the past two weeks Ptl. Kristen Jeffers and Sgt. Gary Mowen interviewed numerous witnesses and suspects in the case and “discovered evidence indicating that the robbery did not occur,” said Reinbolt.

“The evidence discovered indicates the victim attempted to purchase marijuana from one of the alleged robbers and that the desired product was not delivered after payment was made and that there was no knife brandished,” he said.

On Wednesday, Reinbolt had detailed another unrelated report of a robbery which he said was falsely reported by an adult male with a long criminal record.

“The goal of any criminal investigation should be to learn the truth,” said Reinbolt. “Unfortunately, whether the investigation results in the arrest of a perpetrator or the investigation shows that the crime never occurred, the same number of police hours are expended on the case. I believe we have arrived at the truth in this case, and commend Sgt. Mowen and Ptl. Jeffers for their tenacity.”

The case will now be forwarded to the Clinton County Prosecuting Attorney for his review to determine if a charge of making false alarms will be brought against the boy for making a knowingly false police report, Reinbolt said.


News Journal