City to restore water tank; you may see some low water pressure/discoloration

News Journal

WILMINGTON – The City of Wilmington will restore and rehabilitate a water tank at the Clinton County Fairgrounds.

Work is scheduled to begin on April 9 (weather permitting) and is estimated to be substantially completed by May 15.

The project is one of the first steps in a six-year, maintenance plan to repair and rehabilitate the city’s four water storage tanks, said Wilmington Director of Public Service Brian Shidaker.

During this scheduled maintenance, the water tank will be emptied and offline to complete maintenance, which will include a washout and disinfection on the interior of the water tower. The outside of the water tank will also be washed and painted.

While the water tank is offline you may experience periods of low water pressure and/or harmless discoloration of water until the maintenance is completed.

If this should occur, please run a cold-water faucet for up to 30 minutes. If the water remains cloudy, please call the Water Treatment Plant at 937-382-3614.

The City of Wilmington apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause; however, this is an essential part of the required maintenance to prolong the life of the water tower. Questions regarding the project may be made to the Office of the Director of Public Service at 937-382-6509.

News Journal