Inmate’s actions in jail bring prison; man must pay $21K to Blanchester Eagles

By Gary Huffenberger -




WILMINGTON — A man’s term of community controls was replaced by imprisonment after he committed a violent act and took Fentanyl, both of which occurred while he was an inmate at the Clinton County Jail.

Terry A. King, 35, of Connersville, Indiana, was one of six jail inmates who jumped another inmate who, as a result, needed to be transported to the CMH emergency room. According to the incident report, the 7-foot-2-inch, 300-pound King was involved in kicking and hitting the inmate.

King was serving a 45-day jail disciplinary sanction for the incident when he then tested positive for Fentanyl, stated a sheriff’s office document. His earlier five-year term of community controls for trafficking meth, a penalty issued by sitting Judge William B. McCracken, was revoked and King was given a 24-month prison term.

He was granted credit toward the prison term for the 197 days he had already spent in the county jail on the meth case.

King was awaiting to be transported in nine days to the STAR Community Justice Center when the Fentanyl incident occurred.

He has served two prior prison terms.

In an unrelated sentencing, Mackenzie Murdoch, 27, of Bethel, must pay $21,644 restitution to the Blanchester Eagles organization. Murdoch was an Eagles employee who printed hundreds of Ohio Lottery tickets from the club’s lottery machine without paying for them, as previously reported.

Murdoch also received a six-month suspended jail term (with credit for 27 days in jail) and was put on community controls for five years.

In pronouncing sentence, Clinton County Common Pleas Judge John W. “Tim” Rudduck stated the victim of the grand theft is most interested in being paid restitution. The judge also said this is Murdoch’s first felony. Prosecution did not oppose a combination of community control sanctions as the sentence in the case, provided there are no bond violations and the defendant remains of good behavior.

The restitution payment schedule calls for $375 per month to a court escrow account.

Below are other recent sentencings in the common pleas courtroom:

• Tammy M. Jones, 39, of Clarksville, guilty of possessing meth, received a seven-month prison term to run concurrently with another prison term she currently is serving. She also must pay court costs and the public defender fee.

• Walker J. Worthington, 20, of Clinton County, guilty of receiving stolen property and of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, received a six-month suspended jail term (credit for seven days served) and placed on community controls for two years. He also must pay court costs and the public defender fee.

• Ronald Glen Brooks, 31, of Sabina, guilty of aggravated possession of drugs, received a six-month jail term and will take part in residential programming at the STAR Community Justice Center as part of a two-year term of community controls. He also must pay court costs and the public defender fee. He was granted time credit for 13 days he served in the county jail on the case.

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By Gary Huffenberger