Fun month at ECHS, Sabina, NV libraries

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April is National Library Month and the East Clinton High School library has some fun activities planned.

Read It and Weep Week and Caught You Reading is April 2-6. They are displaying tear-jerker books to check out (along with tissues) for the Read It and Weep kick-off. There are golden tickets in your mailboxes — please feel free to pass them out to any student you “catch reading” for pleasure this week.

To help promote libraries next week during National Library Week, the East Clinton Local School District will be hosting a library treasure hunt, not only through their district school libraries, but the New Vienna and Sabina Public Libraries that help support the school community as well.

Book Treasure Hunt for National Library Week is April 9-14. Students can pick up a Treasure Hunt form at their school libraries to fill out using their school library resources. Then they are encouraged to continue their hunt at their local public libraries for more treasure and a chance to win bigger prizes.

Library Scrabble week is April 16-20. They are displaying books that are covered and have a large Scrabble tile on the outside. Each shelf will display a variety of tiles/books and students have to try to put the tiles into words that have not already been discovered. Need a new letter? Check out a book to receive a new tile! They win a cookie for each new word and the biggest word wins a book.

Library Mystery Week is April 23-27. Students are invited to join in the fun to discover who stole the library’s copy of “The Book Thief.” Played much like the game of Clue, each grade level will have a set of clues to help them discover who the thief is. Prizes will be awarded to the first correct guess from each grade level.

On April 25, 26, 27 and 30 the Fable Guardians Book Club will be going to the elementary schools to read and to give books to the first-graders during their library times.

Thank you for supporting your local libraries.

News Journal