Blan man gets 41 months’ prison for abduction, assaulting officer

Conley sentenced for abduction, assault

By Dylanne Petros - [email protected]

WILMINGTON – A Blanchester man is going to prison for 41 months after pleading guilty to abduction and assaulting a peace officer.

Stanley Conley, 37, was sentenced after testimony was given by the state on the offenses.

Originally, Conley was charged with abduction in the third degree, felonious assault in the second degree and assaulting a peace officer in the fifth degree. The state, represented by Prosecuting Attorney Brian Shidaker, dropped the felonious assault charge in the deal.

Conley was sentenced to 30 months prison for the abduction charge and 11 months in prison for the assault charge. Shidaker told Clinton County Court of Common Pleas Judge John W. “Tim” Rudduck that he believed the sentences needed to be served consecutively, since they were two completely different offenses.

Shidaker said he wasn’t going after the maximum sentence for Conley because of how Conley cooperated with Blanchester police when he was arrested in August.

“Given his cooperation in these matters and that he didn’t put the victim or the state through a jury trial, I don’t believe the maximum (sentence) is appropriate, but I do believe the closest thing to the maximum is necessary,” Shidaker said.

Because of Conley’s history with the law, including spending a “considerable” amount of time in the last 15 years in a Kentucky prison, Shidaker said Conley deserved close to the maximum sentence.

The victim of the abduction was not at the sentencing, but Conley addressed the court, stating that he has been involved in criminal activity since he was 11 years old, growing up with a mother in prison and a father he never knew.

“I led the lifestyle of a criminal and drug addict all the way up to the age of 18 where I went straight from juvenile psych ward to (an) adult penitentiary,” he said.

There was a brief period of time, Conley said, where he was out of prison. He received a college degree and said he is hoping to change while in prison.

“I have something to offer to the community other than just being a taker and a problem,” he said.

Conley also said the abduction and the incident with the corrections officer occurred because he was off his medication, which he takes for four different mental illnesses.

“The abduction and assault charges were incidents where I made very poor choices and reacted compulsively without giving much thought to what I was doing because I allowed myself to be controlled by the emotions I felt at these times and without using my head,” Conley said. “As long as I’m on my medications and following up with mental health doctors and therapists, I will do very very well.”

Rudduck said he hoped Conley would stay true to his words and get the help he needs while in prison.

“You’ve got to take control of your life,” he said.

After completing his 41-month term, which could be reduced if Conley participates in programs, Conley will have three years of parole to complete.

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Conley sentenced for abduction, assault

By Dylanne Petros

[email protected]