Hey kids! Design your ‘dream playground’ for Wilmington

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WILMINGTON — The current castle playground at J.W. Denver Williams Jr. Memorial Park “is beloved by many and was only made possible by the sheer will, determination and hard work of community members who gave so generously of their time and resources,” says Councilmember Kristi Fickert.

But now, it’s ready for an extreme makeover.

“The City of Wilmington has already started to solicit feedback from the public, as these are truly their parks and this will be their playground,” said Fickert. “ This project will require much of the same, but I know we can make great things happen.”

In the coming weeks the steering committee will be seeking additional public input in a variety of ways, including visits to the local elementary schools, where children will be able to meet directly with playground designers to give their thoughts on what they’d like to see in a new play area.

“However, we also know that sometimes children can best tell their stories and showcase their ideas through a more artistic approach,” said Fickert. “We’d like to give as many children as possible the opportunity to put their ideas on paper and submit those ideas to the designer and steering committee for review as we work through the design process.”

So, the city has made available a playground drawing template to solicit ideas and to help create more awareness about the design and discovery phase of this project.

“We’d like for children to submit their drawings and ideas for what they’d like to see included in their ‘Dream Playground’,” said Fickert. “Their ideas will be shared with the designers and could be included in the final design.

“I wish I got to do something like this as a kid!” she added.

All drawings need to be submitted to Parks & Recreation Director Jermaine Issac by Friday, May 4, and can either be dropped off at the park office or by email at jisaac@wilmingtonoh.org .



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