BPD: Man with brass knuckles punched victim, later assaulted officer

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BLANCHESTER — A man faces multiple charges after police say he punched a man while wearing a set of brass knuckles and later assaulted the police officer attempting to arrest him.

At around 3:45 p.m. Tuesday police were called to Ron’s Place, a restaurant and bar at 126 S. Broadway, on a report of an assault.

Cpl. James Beckelhymer arrived and spoke with Barry Grossnickle, 56, a bar patron, who stated he was punched in the face by a man wearing a set of brass knuckles, according to Blanchester Police Chief Scott Reinbolt.

“Grossnickle had obvious, recent injuries to his face,” said Reinbolt. “Cpl. Beckelhymer spoke with others inside the bar, learning that the perpetrator had fled the scene.”

Reinbolt said the suspect was identified as Kaleb Christen, 25, of 201 W. Center St.

Cpl. Beckelhymer and a Clinton County deputy sheriff went to Christen’s home to arrest him for assault.

“Cpl. Beckelhymer knocked on the front door while the deputy went to the back of the house,” said Reinbolt. “Christen answered the door and Cpl. Beckelhymer told him he was under arrest. Christen attempted to close the door in the officer’s face, but Beckelhymer was able to block that effort. Christen then backed into the living room of the house, where he used profane language to inform the officer he intended to assault him.

“Christen then punched the officer and a fist fight ensued between the two,” Reinbolt continued. “Cpl. Beckelhymer was able to pin Christen to a couch and the deputy sheriff entered the home. The two officers were then able to subdue and arrest Christen. A set of brass knuckles was found in his pants pocket.”

Christen was charged with assault, resisting arrest and carrying a concealed weapon and was taken to the Clinton County Jail, Reinbolt said.

On Tuesday night Clinton County Prosecuting Attorney Rick Moyer’s staff was briefed on the incident and Wednesday morning filed a charge of assault on a peace officer, a felony offense, Reinbolt said.

Reinbolt added that police had arrested Christen at his home on March 26 for making false alarms after he reported an intruder in his home when no one was present.

”In that case, he struggled with officer’s attempts to arrest him and was charged with resisting arrest,” said Reinbolt. “He was also charged with making false alarms in 2014 after reporting he had been robbed when no robbery took place.“


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