Wilmington man receives 18-month prison term

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WILMINGTON — A local man received an 18-month prison term for possessing meth and for fleeing from a police officer.

In mid-December 2017, Christopher N. “Nick” Macke Jr., 25, of Wilmington, was driving a Mercury Sable when a sheriff’s deputy in a cruiser signaled for Macke to stop but he did not stop. When the deputy followed in pursuit, the Mercury vehicle sometimes was in the opposite lane of travel and weaved over the center line at about 70 mph on Port William Road.

“While in pursuit the [defendant’s] vehicle forced an oncoming car to stop and get off the roadway almost causing a head-on accident,” stated an affidavit by law enforcement.

Macke later fled on foot before he was apprehended by sheriff’s deputies.

In sentencing Macke, Clinton County Common Pleas Judge John W. “Tim” Rudduck stated the defendant’s criminal record spans nearly a decade.

“Defendant had a significant juvenile court record with criminal behavior continuing when he became an adult. He completed a prison term for this court for an assault upon a law enforcement officer,” the judge added.

In addition to the failing to comply and meth cases, a third case against Macke involving an alleged assault upon a police officer was dismissed by prosecution as part of a negotiated plea agreement. Macke, however, does have to pay court costs for the dismissed case.

Credit was granted toward the prison term for 122 days Macke spent in the Clinton County Jail on the failure to comply case.

At another sentencing in common pleas court, Reed Thomas Maikut, 35, of Wilmington, received a nine-month prison term for evidence tampering and, in a separate Clinton County case, for breaking and entering.

He originally was under an in lieu of conviction plan, but he violated its terms resulting in a finding of guilty. He reportedly failed to report to the intervention officer, failed to comply with drug-testing protocol, and was issued new charges in Montgomery County for alleged breaking and entering and possessing drug paraphernalia.

Rudduck stated, in sentencing Maikut to prison, that the defendant had a prior felony conviction that he did not disclose to the court when granted intervention.

“Defendant has been deceitful with the court which no longer trusts him to comply with local community control sanctions,” the judge said.

Moreover, Rudduck noted Maikut resides in Lancaster, Ohio, and “would have great difficulty complying with the rigid reporting requirements and drug-testing protocol which would be required of him” [were he to be sentenced to an alternative to prison].

In March, the judge encouraged the defendant to engage in counselling programming available with Talbert House while in jail, and provide the court an assessment.

The tampering with evidence conviction stems from Maikut trying to cheat on a drug test in August 2017 by using someone else’s urine. He told law enforcement he “took a hit of meth” a couple days earlier, according to an affidavit.

The breaking-and-entering conviction comes from a May 2017 incident where he took part in taking items from a Sabina-area barn at a vacant property, allegedly to sell the items as scrap.

In February 2018, Maikut was to report for a random drug test by the court’s I-Samson reporting system. At that time, he said he had snorted a line of meth while being held at the Clinton County Jail.

Time credit was granted for 49 days Maitkut spent in the county jail on the evidence tampering charge, and for 68 days in jail on the breaking-and-entering case.

At other recent sentencing hearings:

• Rhonda K. Shultz, 50, of Wilmington, was placed on community controls for a two-year term for possessing drugs. She received a suspended six-month jail term, and must pay court costs plus a fee for public defender representation. Credit was granted for 13 days she was in jail on the case.

• Brandy J. Swisher (also known as Brandy Bullington), 41, of Leesburg, guilty of possessing drugs and evidence tampering, was placed on community controls for two years, with participation in a STAR Community Justice Center program a component. She also received a suspended six-month jail term, and was ordered to pay court costs and pay the public defender fee. She was granted time credit for days she spent in jail. An alleged community control violation, however, was filed 11 days after her sentencing.

• Tiffany R. Wiedenheft, 34, of Xenia, guilty of possessing drugs, was placed on community control sanctions for a year, received a six-month suspended jail term (with credit for 42 days in jail on the case), and must pay court costs plus a fee for legal representation by the public defender.

• Vanessa N. Leeds, 41, of Cheboygan, Michigan, who is guilty of burglary and grand theft in Clinton County, was placed on community controls for one year and received a six-month suspended jail term. She was granted credit for 85 days she spent in the Clinton County Jail. She also must pay court costs and the public defender fee.

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By Gary Huffenberger