BREAKING: Man in Blanchester shooting incident arrested, jailed

News Journal

BLANCHESTER — The man who police say shot his girlfriend at their Orchard View Lane residence Wednesday has been arrested.

According to Clinton County Jail records, Jamie McLaughlin, 31, was booked Sunday. There is no other official information available at this time, including what charges he may face and whether the arrest may be related to the shooting incident.

However, a Blanchester neighbor believes that there was another incident Sunday involving McLaughlin that may have led to his immediate arrest.

Mary Neace, 28, of 138 Orchard View Lane was shot in the torso by a 9mm Glock pistol fired by McLaughlin, of the same address, police said.

Last week police had reason to believe the shooting may have been an accident, but it was very early in the investigation.

Members of Neace’s family, however, including her sister, Kathleen Neace, stated after Wednesday’s incident that she said she wants “help getting justice for my sister” and that Mary Neace had multiple bruises all over her body, a swollen eye and broken fingernails, and that she was given seven units of blood.

The investigation is continuing, Blanchester Police Chief Scott Reinbolt told the News Journal Thursday.

“We still have some interviews to complete, as well as processing some physical evidence, before I will know whether or not a criminal offense has been committed,” he said.


News Journal