Clinton County Law Library awarded grant for computers

WILMINGTON — The Clinton County Law Library will acquire three new computers as a result of being awarded a $2,546 grant from the state.

The new equipment will benefit the local and area attorneys who go to the law library to access word processing and also to access the online subscriptions the library has for legal research.

The total amount of grant money available statewide was $50,000. The maximum award for any one law library was $5,000.

Clinton County Law Librarian Martha Worstine chose to submit a grant proposal to replace the aging computers in the county law library, and the local library resources board approved her submitting the proposal. Members of the board are attorneys Lauren Raizk, Brian Shidaker, Brett Rudduck, John Porter and Clinton County Administrator Mary Ann Haines Foland.

The grant dollars will go toward three licenses of Microsoft Office in addition to the new computers.

The local law library’s operating revenue comes from the contributions, per statute, from the Clinton County Clerk of Courts, the Clinton County Juvenile Court, the City of Wilmington, and the Clinton County Municipal Court — all derived from defendants’ court costs and fines.

The law library receives no other outside revenue, stated a media release from the library.

“It was like winning the lottery as this grant will be a big help to keep some of the library’s equipment updated and running efficiently. However, this grant process was a lot harder than buying a lottery ticket,” remarked Worstine.

The Clinton County Law Library is located on the third floor of the historical Clinton County Courthouse.