Phillip Davis sentenced to 18 years

Will serve a minimum of 15 years

By Dylanne Petros -

WILMINGTON – Phillip T. Davis will be behind bars for 18 years, 15 of which are mandatory.

Davis on Monday was sentenced to prison on all 26 counts for which he was charged.

Originally, he was charged with 529 miscellaneous drug charges, but the state dropped 503 of those charges.

Davis faced trial for, and was found guilty of, 19 counts of trafficking cocaine in the fifth degree, one count of engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity in the first degree, three counts of trafficking cocaine in the third degree, one count of illegal manufacturing of drugs in the second degree, one count of trafficking cocaine in the third degree and one count of aggravated trafficking of drugs in the third degree.

Five of the charges he faced, said Clinton County Court of Common Pleas Judge John W. “Tim” Rudduck, required a mandatory prison sentence.

The state, represented by prosecuting attorneys Matt Sullentrop, Andrew McCoy and Brian Shidaker, said this case was a historic one for Clinton County.

“We believe Mr. Davis was, and is, the worst drug offender in the history of our county,” Shidaker said.

Shidaker said Davis was not a user of drugs or alcohol but was a “user of people,” which is what drove him to sell drugs.

“He uses the drug epidemic in our society for his own personal financial gain and he has total disregard for the lives of the people in our county who are suffering and struggling with addiction,” Shidaker said.

John Kaspar, Davis’ attorney, said while there is a drug epidemic, Davis is part of the tragedy.

“He was part of a bad continuum,” Kaspar said.

Davis said he regretted his actions and was sorry for the harm he caused to any victims in the case. He said he was going to use his time in prison to grow.

“I now look forward to my time in prison to do right and move forward,” Davis said.

Of the 18 years Davis was sentenced, 15 are mandatory. Davis’ driver’s license was suspended for five years, and after he is released, Davis will do five years of parole.

“I do conclude justice has been served,” Rudduck said.

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Will serve a minimum of 15 years

By Dylanne Petros