CM mulls 2 levy possibilities; board will decide which one next month

Board will get input on best option

By John Hamilton -

ADAMS TOWNSHIP — Voters in the Clinton-Massie school district may be asked to support one of two possible tax levies on the November ballot.

The board of education voted Monday evening to approve two tax levies — the first would be to levy a tax in excess of 10-mill limitation via an Emergency Property Tax; the other would be a 0.5% Earned Income Tax for five years.

Both would last five years and both have the goal of raising $1,146,529.

“Basically what we’ve done is, we’ve gone back and forth between property and income tax and we hadn’t had any success with either,” said School Board Member Michael Goodall.

According to Goodall, with both resolutions approved, they can ask the county for input to see which resolution is the best route to take. The resolution they would go with would be decided by the July 16 meeting.

“But in order for us to the information back from the county we would have to approve them,” he said.

He added the millage and amount they hope to raise may change as they receive input.

Teaching positions and high school busing are two areas at risk if Clinton-Massie schools do not obtain additional funds from district taxpayers within the next couple elections.

Scheduled already for the upcoming school year is an increase in pay-to-play rates from $100 per sport to $200 per sport.

During a board of education meeting in May, board President Jeremy Lamb read aloud what he called “quite an extensive list” of proposed cuts. The list is meant to respond to a request from voters — who recently have turned down two proposed tax issues — to better understand what the requested tax revenue would be used for, said Lamb.

Though most of the cutbacks on the list are slated for the 2019-20 academic year, the busing change could occur sooner.

In the May primary election, an earnings tax issue for Clinton-Massie Local Schools was turned down. The official vote totals district-wide finished at 1,340 against and 1,197 for, or 53 percent against the tax, and 47 percent for.

In May, district voters were casting ballots on a proposed five-year, 0.25 percent earnings tax for Clinton-Massie schools, projected to generate about $543,400 annually.

In November 2017, voters in the Clinton-Massie school district defeated a different sort of tax issue — a proposed property tax levy at a level of 5.8 mills.

The News Journal’s Gary Huffenberger contributed to this story.
Board will get input on best option

By John Hamilton