Martinsville Alumni hold annual meeting

By Martinsville Alumni

One-hundred thirty Martinsville Alumni members and guests met at the Wilmington Savings Senior Center June 9, 2018.

After a social hour, Rick Moyer, master of ceremonies, welcomed everyone. He honored all veterans as we stood and repeated the pledge of allegiance. Janet Stanforth read the secretary’s report and Cindy (Morton) Petrich gave the treasurer’s report.

Roger and Maggie Vance gave the memorial for our deceased members with lighting of a candle and a poem. The deceased are: Hattie Rhonemous Nixon,1940; Lois Dolphin Bahns and Maxine West Marcher, 1943; Wanda Kerr Jordan, 1943; Ronald “Red” Rinehart, 1947; Donald Oberlin, 1948; Donald Holland, 1949; Mary Stoops Diebert,1950; Mary Lou Mullenix Fisher,1951; Raymond Holmes and Carl “Jim” Pratt, 1954; Marilyn Miller Ferguson,1956; Elma Jean Brose Glass, 1957; Paricia Couch Corzatt,1958; Roger Cochran and Marion “Smitty” Strevel, 1963; Janice Dowler Harner and Roger Hill, 1965; Gary Quallen, 1966; Sherry Scott Watson, 1976; and Hubert Knauff, faculty.

The classes of 1948 and 1958 were honored. The members from class of 1948 were Maxine Cramton, Ruthella Rinehart Mongold and Jackie West Simpson. Donald Speaight was the one member of the class of 1958.

The class of of 1968 was honored as they were the last class to attend the old high school as junior high students. We were pleased to honor Joy Roberts Brubaker, Joyce Terrell Graesser, Robert Minton, Rick Moyer, Cindy Morton Petrich, and Ed Speelman.

Kay Frances, author of “Funny Thing about Stress”, was our entertainment. Kay graduated from Wilmington High School and has traveled all over the country sharing her witty, humorous, inspirational thoughts.

She reminded us of our younger years and helped us find humor in aging. She encouraged us to get exercise and to laugh.

The meeting was adjourned and invocation given by Linda Watson.

The senior center served a delicious dinner. An enjoyable evening was had by all in attendance.

The meeting next year will be June 8, 2019. If anyone who attended Martinsville Schools would like to join us, please contact Janet Stanforth at 937- 383-0619.

By Martinsville Alumni