CC Democratic Central Committee sworn in

By Clinton County Democratic Party

Bill DeMora, Ohio Democratic Party Secretary, recently delivered the oath of office to the newly elected Central Committee members of the Clinton County Democratic Party.

They are: Paul Skogstrom (Adams A), Miriam Speaight (Adams B), Cynthia Sutton (Blanchester C), George Stevenson (Clark), Ellen Gilbert (Chester B), Rebecca Strafford (Green), Paul Ledford (Jefferson), Ritchie Turner (Liberty), Vicki Snow (Sabina A), Jon Roger Barber (Sabina B), Dean Lansing (Union South A), Eustace Stapler (Washington A), David Raizk (Wilm. 1-A), Joshua Engle (Wilm. 3-A), Kevin Snarr (Wilm. 1-B), Michael Allbright (Wilm. 2-B), Kelsey Swindler (Wilm. 3-B), Sharon Breckel (Wilm. 4-B), Elaine Silverstrim (Wilm 3-C), Connie Hardie (Wilm. 4-C), Ann Reno (Wilson).

All members will serve a four-year term.

The Central Committee officers are: Cynthia Sutton (Chair), David Raizk (Vice Chair) and Kelsey Swindler (Secretary).

The Central Committee Chair and Secretary may be pivotal in the selection of a district candidate to the Ohio State House of Representatives. According to the county party bylaws, the Central Committee will be re-established as the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee Officers are: Ann Reno (Chair), Joshua Engle (Vice Chair), Judy Stapler (Secretary) and Michael Allbright (Treasurer) serving a four-year term.

James Gibson was also elected to serve as a representative to the Board of Elections; replacing the late Richard Sutton.

Join us on Facebook at CCOHDEMS to follow along as we support our qualified candidates running for Ohio State offices –Richard Cordray/Betty Sutton (Governor/Lt. Governor), Steve Dettelbach (Attorney General), Zach Space (Auditor), Kathleen Clyde (Secretary of State), Rob Richardson (Treasurer), Michael Donnelly (Supreme Court), and Melody Stewart (Supreme Court), Rick Neal (U.S. House of Representatives), Sherrod Brown (U.S. Senate), Justin Grimes (Ohio House of Representatives), Scott Daily (Ohio Senate) and Rhonda Wheasler (Clinton County Commissioner).

The Clinton County Democratic Party meetings are held the third Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. at Cape May meeting hall. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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Remember to confirm you are registered to vote. Due to recent changes within the Secretary of State’s voting guidelines, it is best to check with the Board of Elections to ensure your right to vote. If you are not registered, please contact the Board of Elections to do so.

By Clinton County Democratic Party