Clinton-Massie school board approves earnings tax issue for fall ballot

By Gary Huffenberger -

ADAMS TOWNSHIP — The Clinton-Massie school board voted Monday night to put a 0.5 percent earnings tax on the November ballot.

The two tax issues under consideration were this half-percent earnings tax and a 3.9-mills property tax levy. Both are projected to generate about the same amount of funds annually — $1.1 million.

The vote in favor of a five-year, 0.5 percent earnings tax was unanimous among the five board of education members.

Clinton-Massie Board of Education President Jeremy Lamb said he thinks the funding discussion needs to get outside and beyond a focus on what’s fair for a particular group, and instead “try to determine what you’re willing to put forth to make this a strong school district.”

He said tax advocates want Clinton-Massie to be a source of pride for the community, and want people to be proud of the facilities when they come there.

The board president invited community members to come in and look at the facilities, specifically mentioning the Annex and the 600 hallway which, he said, is the one down the slope that needs to be fixed or torn down.

As reported previously, teaching positions and high school busing are two areas at risk if Clinton-Massie schools do not obtain additional funds from district taxpayers within the next couple elections.

In the May primary election earlier this year, a 0.25 percent earnings tax for Clinton-Massie Local Schools was turned down. The official vote totals district-wide finished at 1,340 against and 1,197 for. Percentage-wise, that was 53 percent against the tax, and 47 percent for.

In November 2017, voters in the Clinton-Massie school district soundly defeated a different sort of tax issue — a proposed property tax levy at a level of 5.8 mills. The official vote totals then were 2,091 votes against and 1,216 votes for. Percentage-wise, that was 63 percent against the tax, and 37 percent for.

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By Gary Huffenberger