Clinton County Municipal Court dispositions

By John Hamilton -

WILMINGTON — The following report is compiled using a disposition report provided by Clinton County Municipal Court. The information includes the defendant’s name, age, residence if listed, charge(s) disposed, fine, court costs assessed, jail sentence and any special conditions. Municipal Judge Mike Daugherty oversees the court, which administers the law in criminal misdemeanor cases.

The following continues the list of those who pled guilty or were found guilty between July 16 and July 17:

• Charles Burke, 40, of Morrow, O.V.I., sentenced to 180 days in jail (171 days suspended), operator’s license suspended from July 8, 2018 to July 7, 2019, fined $400, assessed $125 court costs. Burke must take part in unsupervised probation. ALS vacated. Driving privileges granted effective July 16. Additional charges of O.V.I., drug instrument possession, a seat belt violation, and a no tail lights violation were dismissed.

• Kassie Brigner, 22, of Greenfield, drug instrument possession, sentenced to 30 days in jail (suspended), fined $500, assessed $125 court costs. Brigner must take part in supervised probation. If compliant, the court will suspend $300 of fine. A drug paraphernalia charge was dismissed.

• Michael Faulkner, 33, of Hillsboro, having an open container in a prohibited area, fined $55, assessed $125 court costs. The case was waived by the defendant.

• Donald Hutchinson, 41, of Blanchester, disorderly conduct, fined $65, assessed $125 court costs. The case was waived by the defendant.

• Todd Smart, 52, of Columbus, disorderly conduct, fined $50, assessed $125 court costs. The charge was amended from a domestic violence charge.

• Donovan Mullins, 19, of Batavia, drug paraphernalia, fined $100, assessed $125 court costs. The case was waived by the defendant.

• Robert Stackman, 48, of Sabina, driving under suspension-failing to reinstate, fined $100, assessed $125 court costs. A stop sign violation was dismissed.

• Taryn Haynes, 25, of Blanchester, failure to confine dog, dangerous dog violation, dog at large, fined $750, assessed $375 court costs. Will consider suspending $300 of fine if the dog is provided behavioral training by an experienced trainer so as to eliminate the dog’s aggressive behavior.

• Joshua Henry, 29, of New Vienna, drug possession, fined $25, assessed $125 court costs. Additional charges of open container and drug paraphernalia were dismissed.

By John Hamilton