WPD reports: Thefts of bikes, other items

By John Hamilton - jhamilton@wnewsj.com

WILMINGTON — The following report is generated from incident reports provided by the Wilmington Police Department. All those arrested are presumed innocent until possibly found guilty in court. Charges may be dropped or changed in court.

Wilmington police recently processed the following reports:

• At 11:44 a.m. on Aug. 1, a 38-year-old male reported someone stole his daughter’s teal 12-speed bicycle. Authorities were advised it was stolen from their residence at the 900 block of North South Street between 7:30 p.m. and 11:15 a.m. The bike was described as having a hole in the seat and with one of the brake cables wrapped around the handle bar because it was broken.

• At 6:20 p.m. on Aug. 1, a 37-year-old female reported two bicycles were missing from her residence at the 900 block of West Main Street. The victim’s son advised the garage door was found open at 1:30 p.m. Their neighbor — a 24-year-old male — said at 1:55 p.m. he saw a red Ford Explorer “with a ’90s body style” was observed leaving the driveway. The two bikes were a 20-inch pink Mongoose and a black/neon green Tony Hawk Dynacraft BMX.

• At 4:21 p.m. on July 30, police responded to an unruly juvenile and domestic assault situation at the 100 block of West Vine Street. A 41-year-old female is listed as a victim.

• At 8:34 p.m. on July 30, police arrested a 50-year-old male for alleged drug paraphernalia at the 1200 block of Rombach Avenue. Police seized a glass pipe and meth, according to the report.

• At 11:18 p.m. on July 30, a 20-year-old female was issued was cited for disorderly conduct during a response to a fight at the 700 block of West Main Street, at 11:18 p.m. on July 30. According to the report, the female and a 21-year-old male had been separated but were still arguing; the female was advised to leave the area and became “very disorderly and was using obscene language.” The responding officer warned her but as she was walking away she “continued to yell and be offensive.”

• At 1:12 p.m. on July 31, an 86-year-old male reported that $1,500 in cash was stolen from his vehicle while it was in the parking lot of a store on Rombach Avenue. The victim advised it happened two to three weeks ago and knew there was nothing that could be done, but wanted to have it reported.

• An investigation is underway for a theft that occurred at a store on Progress Way at 8:03 p.m. on July 31. According to the report, the suspect — a 39-year-old Marietta female — stole four game cameras valued at $392.

• At 9:29 a.m. on Aug. 1, a 71-year-old female advised that sometime between midnight and 12:30 a.m., she heard a loud noise at her apartment on West Sugartree Street. She later discovered part of a gate between the apartment and the carport had been knocked over. She said she would inform the landlord.

• At 10:22 a.m. on Aug. 1, a theft at a care facility on Rombach Avenue reported $140 in cash was stolen.

• Police cited a 25-year-old male for alleged disorderly conduct, and later arrested him for alleged public indecency at 7:16 p.m. on Aug. 1 at the 200 block of Prairie Avenue.

• At 7:33 a.m. on Aug. 2, police responded to a property damage report at a business on South Mulberry Street. According to the report, a small square from a window was damaged by two small rocks that were located on the kitchen floor and window ledge that someone threw. There were no signs of an attempted break-in and there were no suspects listed.

• A 41-year-old male was arrested for alleged unlawful restraint and domestic violence at 1:51 p.m. on Aug. 2 at the 200 block of Doan Street.

• Police arrested a 20-year-old male on two counts of alleged theft at 3:41 p.m. on Aug 2. The charges are related to two separate incidents at the same Progress Way store.

• Police responded on a report of alleged child abuse. Two residents — a 29-year-old female and a 43-year-old male — are listed as suspects. Police collected paint sticks as evidence in relation to the investigation.

• A 24-year-old male was arrested on a warrant and for allegedly obstructing official business and drug abuse instrument possession at the 200 block of North Spring Street at 4:55 p.m. on Aug. 3.

• Police arrested two subjects from Crofton, Kentucky — a 26-year-old female and a 32-year-old male — for alleged theft at a store on Progress Way at 5:44 p.m. on Aug. 3. According to the report, the two allegedly stole three watches and four Xbox controllers. Authorities discovered a small clear bag containing a white powdery substance, a small clear bag containing a crushed pill and a glass smoking pipe while searching the suspects and their vehicle. Both were incarcerated at the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office.

• Police responded to the pharmacy on West Locust Street at 4:51 a.m. on Aug. 4 on the report of an alarm drop. According to the report, the two main entry and exit glass doors had pry marks on them and the west most door was ajar. Police didn’t locate anyone inside. The key holder arrived and advised the only thing that appeared to be missing were 1,000 Gabapentin pills of varying strengths. Cash in the cash register wasn’t taken and secured medications were accounted for in their secured locations.

• A 34-year-old Dayton female was arrested for alleged assault at the 200 block of South Street at 10:02 a.m. on Aug. 4.

• A 39-year-old female was arrested for alleged persistent disorderly conduct at the 300 block of East Main Street at 9:22 p.m. on Aug. 4.

• At 9:33 p.m. on Aug. 4, police responded to a theft report at the 1-99 block of B Street. A 49-year-old male advised a Vespa style scooter that was non-functioning had been sitting in his driveway for 18-months and had been stolen. He stated it had zip ties holding the plastic pieces to the handlebars. Authorities were advised that 49-year-old male was in the area the past week and tried to sell the victim’s wife some canned cat food. The victim said he was “known for doing things like that and the irony of him recently being over and the scooter missing after 18 months is no coincidence.”

• Police arrested a 25-year-old female for alleged drug abuse instrument possession and drug paraphernalia on West Main Street at 12:32 a.m. on Aug. 5. A 24-year-old Reeseville male was cited marijuana possession. Police seized a marijuana pipe, two meth pipes, a clear bag with suspected meth, a plastic bag with suspected heroin, and heroin-related “drug equipment.”

• At 9:41 a.m. on Aug. 5, police responded to a convenience store on Main Street on a shoplifting report. According to the report, a pair of sunglasses and a cell phone charger were stolen by a male subject wearing a dark t-shirt, blues shorts and had an orange and black backpack.


By John Hamilton


Reach John Hamilton at 937-382-2574

Reach John Hamilton at 937-382-2574