Clinton County eateries inspected

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WILMINGTON — The following information is obtained from the Clinton County Health Department and is compiled from inspection reports.

Violations are either critical or non-critical. Critical violations are more likely to contribute to food contamination, illness or an environmental health hazard, including inadequate cooking of food items or poor personal hygiene.

For a more detailed description of critical and non-critical violations, or to file a public health or food safety complaint about a restaurant, contact the Clinton County Health Department by calling 937-382-7221.

The following restaurants or food service establishments were inspected recently and violations/comments include:

• Speedway, 900 S. South St., Wilmington, Aug. 2. Critical: Nacho cheese 102°F, chili 98°F and unit was 75°F. Black bottom cover not on unit. Cover placed on unit and temperature increased to 110°F. Must ensure unit is on and product must be 135°F or above to help prevent bacterial growth.

Oven and 2-door reach in in back currently not working. No hot sandwiches of pizza available at this time. There were gnats flying around mop sink, 3-compartment sink and out front around soda fountain. Wall behind 3-compartment sink is dirty. Floors in walk-in cooler had trash on them. All facilities must be free from insects. Please contact pest control operator to address this problem. All floors, walls and ceilings must be maintained clean to help improve overall sanitation of the facility.

Follow-up: Approx. Aug. 30.

• Camp Kirkwood, 5718 SR 73 W, Wilmington, Aug. 1. Quat sanitizer used for 3-sink and surfaces. Quat test strips unavailable. Debris under cheese slicer. Window was open without screen in place. Outer openings must have screen to prevent entry of flies. (Flies were observed in facility.) Debris observed on floor under/behind warewash machine and oven.

• McDonald’s, 1272 Rombach Ave., Wilmington, Aug. 1. Critical: Three bags of southwest salad mix in walk-in cooler were outdated.

Spray nozzle at sink is leaking. There were gnats by buns at back of facility. There is a tile missing in front of mop sink. Grease on floor by griddle. Gnats by frappe machine/soda dispenser at front of facility.

Follow-up: Aug. 29.

• Angilo’s Pizza, 142 Broadway St., Blanchester, July 30. Follow-up #2. Two previous violations corrected. The following need correction: Level 2 certification unavailable. Several door seals damaged on equipment (5 units). Wrong seals were ordered and had to re-order. Note: At time of arrival, manager was not on duty. At all times during operation at least one person shall be designated at person in charge and is knowledgeable with safe food practices.

• Alma’s Amish Cheese Barn, 7810 SR 73 W, Wilmington, July 28. No concerns at time of visit.

• Caesar Creek Main Kitchen, 7763 SR 73 W, Wilmington, July 28. Level 2 certification unavailable. Verification employees know when to report illness unavailable. Cutting boards have black scratch marks and staining. Three-door reach-in cooler, rust accumulated on shelving. True reach-in freezer near grill line has ice accumulation. Food debris accumulated behind lid on prep cooler. Debris, dirt etc. behind icemaking machine and soda fountain machine. Dust accumulated on large stand fan.

• Caesar Creek Pizza & Subs, 7763 SR 73 W, Wilmington, July 28. Critical: Air temperature 50°F (reach-in freezer). Cold TCS foods must be maintained at 41°F or less to prevent pathogen growth. Date marks missing on hot dogs, sauerkraut, dressing, etc.

Level 2 certification unavailable. Verification demonstrating employees know when to report illness unavailable. Food debris accumulated on tables and handles of equipment. Light bulb nonworking in vent hood. Debris accumulated under/behind soda fountain machines and icemaking machines. Old equipment (cooler, cheese warmer) non-used?

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