Blan practices bus safety

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BLANCHESTER — Putman Elementary students from the Blanchester Local School District participated this week in 30-minute bus safety training provided by 11 district drivers.

The Ohio Revised Code requires safety instruction to be given to all regularly transported pupils in kindergarten through third grade within two weeks of the commencement of classes each school year.

The district reported that 412 students went through the training.

“Students were instructed on how to wait safely for the bus including avoiding strangers, what to do if a bus is running late, walking expectation to and from the bus, how to enter and leave the bus safely, safe riding practices, the ten steps around the bus known as the ‘Danger Zone’, and interrupting hand signals,” said DistrictTransportation Supervisor Barb Prater.

The district runs 19 routes every day totaling 1,554 miles — a little over 81 miles per route.

“With that many school vehicles criss-crossing the district Monday through Friday some motorist will sooner or later get behind a bus only to have their schedules delayed a few minutes,” said Prater. “We ask them to keep safety in mind by slowing down and give more than enough distance between them and the school bus.”

Putman Principal Mike Snider said the highlight of the training for his students was watching a bus tire run over a tin can, emphasizing the importance being aware of the “Danger Zone” around a bus.

Next month he has scheduled with the Transportation Department to conduct a bus evacuation drill.

District drivers who participated in the training were Patty Reed, Karen Davidson, Ida Allison, Vickie Wagner, Candi Young, Becky Peters, Paula Chaney, Jim Burke, Donna Gosney, Barb Lambros, Regina Brock

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