Pinkerton family holds 63rd reunion

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The 63rd Annual Pinkerton Family Reunion was held July 7-14. The descendants of Forest and Mary Etta Knisley Pinkerton traveled from Colorado, North Carolina, Maryland, Florida, Cedarville, Springfield, Dayton, Cambridge, Hillsboro, Lewis Town, Mt. Orab and Lynchburg.

The various planned events were attended by 116 family members throughout the week. Rita Dodd (Dayton), and Joyce Pettingill (North Carolina) coordinated the week’s activities. The oldest family member present was Joyce Pinkerton (Sidney) who is 88 years old, and the youngest family member present was Logan Parks (Clarksville), who was 6 months old.

On Saturday the men played golf at the Wilmington Elks, and the ladies went shopping and out for lunch.

In the evening, a spaghetti and salad dinner was held at the home of Mary and Larry Ledford with 32 members showing up to feed their faces and brag about the good shots they had on the golf course.

Sunday morning, 52 members worshiped at the New Vienna Church of Christ where Grandma and Grandpa Pink attended. Special music was provided by Wes Wickline, Robin Ertel and Kris Fouch during the services.

Following church, 106 members gathered at the home of Joni and Ron Wolfe (which was previously Grandma Pink’s) for a carry-in lunch. The afternoon was spent catching up with each individual family and keeping an eye on all the kids swimming in the pool.

Monday some of the men played golf and the ladies went out for brunch. In the afternoon 36 members teed off at the Wilmington Elks for a little 9-hole family scramble. Zackary Delaney and Doug Ledford won the event.

We had 40 members show up for a catered dinner at the Elks that evening which was prepared by Rita Garrison. She did a super job. Lots of talking and reminiscing all evening.

Tuesday, being categorized as ladies day, so we don’t have to spend time in the kitchen cooking for a day, was spent shopping up at Yellow Springs and a trip to Young’s Dairy — 28 ladies attended. Lynne Holliman and Diana Parks made bologna salad we fought over when we returned home. It has always been a ritual to have bologna salad for dinner on Tuesdays.

Wednesday, the guys played golf, and 22 ladies met at Ponderosa’s Banquet Center for painting with stencils. There were a lot of great pictures done. Tonia and Tessa Pinkerton completed a free hand painting of The Ohio State University’s Block O. Very good. Then 41 members met at Ponderosa for dinner.

Thursday, the guys played golf, surprise right? LOL. Four ladies also met the guys and enjoyed a round of golf at Snow Hill. Fun day.

The evening was spent at McCoy’s Catering in Wilmington for a family dinner and meeting. There were 44 present. Updates were given on each family on graduations, marriages, births, etc.

Missed was Larry Ledford who passed away on Jan 31st. We miss you Larry.

Elected leaders for next years reunion was Doug Ledford and Randy Bo Pinkerton. The dates for next year are June 29-July 6.

Friday was spent golfing by the men and some women, again. Home and fixed food for a carry-in ham and soup bean supper at the home of Steve and Judy Huff. The dinner was very good, with lots of laughs. There were 116 family members present.

Steve took some of the kids on a hayride and they also enjoyed swimming in the pond.

Later we held our family auction of gems brought in and donated. Notable items donated were a gun brought from North Carolina by Randy Bo and Benita Pinkerton, which had belonged to Randy’s dad, Walter Pinkerton. Doug and Julie Wickline donated close-out merchandise from their flower shops. Also, pure maple syrup made by Terry Fouch.

After the auctioning of all items, the family raised $1,700. We use this money for gifts for underprivileged kids on Christmas, food for families, and for any emergencies in the family due to death or health reasons.

Surely missed this year was Wayne and Betty Pinkerton from Forth Worth, Texas. They could not make the trip this year because of ill health. God bless them.

Before each meal, grace was given to the Good Lord for the wonderful blessings bestowed upon us. Many miles have been traveled in the 63 years of reunions. God bless all.

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