Director tells Rotary of need for JFS levy

By Wilmington Rotary

WILMINGTON — Kathi Spirk, Director of Clinton County Job and Family Services, and Kent Vandervort, volunteer with the Child Protection Unit, spoke to the Wilmington Rotary Club which meets at noon on Mondays at Damon’s Restaurant.

They talked about the upcoming tax levy for Clinton County Children Services.

Spirk said that the opioid/drug epidemic has made children the true innocent victims. There has been a 102 percent increase in the number of children requiring court ordered protection and a 56 percent increase of children in foster care since 2014.

Of those children, 90 percent have a drug component as a reason for their placement.

The increase in the number of children in protective and foster care has caused an increase in Children Services expenses and the need for the operating levy.

Spirk stated that staffing has not increased, but the increase in the number of children served has caused each Children Services’ staff to handle a greater number of cases.

The 1.1-mil, 5-year tax levy will cost approximately $38.50 each year per $100,000 value and generate approximately 1 million. Clinton County Job and Family Services has operated on the same tax levy since 1995. photo

By Wilmington Rotary