Author of anonymous flyer makes points

Editor’s Note: The below-mentioned leaflet is the one recently distributed anonymously to Clinton-Massie district voters. Kelly Kohls told the News Journal that she is the leaflet’s author.

The Clinton-Massie leaflet is correct, whereas the Clinton-Massie board president is ill-informed. Mr. Lamb claimed in this paper that the anti-levy leaflet delivered to CM households had “misinformation”, so let’s address that.

Mr. Lamb said the enrollment figures in the leaflet didn’t include open enrollment students. Line 3 of the Ohio CUPP Report does include the open enrollment students. Rather, the enrollment count Mr. Lamb used inflated his numbers by including residents that don’t attend CM and are educated elsewhere.

Mr. Lamb stated the revenue calculation was changed by ODE and now reflects higher revenue. The leaflet included a chart showing the revenue from 2014-2017 and is still correct, because the revenue calculation was changed in 2013.

He stated that employees were given 100 percent paid vision insurance last year, but he doesn’t address the large raises given.

Mr. Lamb stated that even though CM has more administrators than the 19 ODE-defined similar districts, they spend less on administration per pupil. The dollars per category in the CUPP Report depend on how the district reports them, so this amount is easily manipulated.

CM administrators are paid more on average than that of our similar districts. The administrator/pupil ratio and average pay per administrator are amounts that cannot be manipulated and are higher than the average of the similar districts.

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Dr. Kelly Kohls