CMMS NJHS members inducted

CMMS student Luke Campbell receives his National Junior Honor Society membership certificate from Principal Barrett Swope.

CLARKSVILLE — Clinton-Massie Middle School ended the year by inducting 55 new members into the National Junior Honor Society.

To be selected as members of the NJHS, students participate in community service activities and demonstrate qualities of scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship in their interactions within the Clinton-Massie school and community.

Co-President Jennifer Callewaert opened the ceremony by welcoming classmates, family members, staff members, and Treasurer Raelynne Mason, led the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance.

As NJHS Advisor Rachel Cornett called the names of new members, candidates came forward and were presented membership certificates by Principal Barrett Swope. Candidates then repeated the NJHS Pledge as ready by Co-President Corey Stulz.

Haley Conley and Allie Houseman spoke to the membership about the quality of scholarship. “Scholarship is not about how intelligent you are, but how you exercise your ability to learn” said Conley. Houseman went on to discuss that “in order to receive an application to the NJHS, applicants must maintain a minimum of a 3.3 grade point average.”

Secretary Emily Brausch spoke about the quality of service. “Service is helping a person who is in need and creating a positive difference,” said Brausch. To perform an act of service this year, the NJHS sponsored a “Pennies for Pasta” program and raised $728 for the children and their families who are battling cancer. “Every cent of this helps,” said Brausch, “even if it’s only a single penny.”

Karlee Rice and Emily Ireland spoke to the membership about the quality of leadership. “Leadership is not a position; it’s an action, said Rice. “To be a great leader you have to be open to doing what others will not, even if it means doing it alone.” Quoting John Maxwell, Ireland said, “Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.”

Speaking on behalf of Connor Hendrickson (who had temporarily lost his voice) Emily Rager read from Hendrickson speech regarding character: “Knowledge will give you power but character respect.” Hendrickson went on to write, “This means doing what’s right even if doing what’s wrong is easier.”

And McKenna Crawford and Hailey Clayborn spoke to the membership about the quality of citizenship. “Citizenship is putting others before yourself and helping out in your community,” said Crawford. This year the NJHS worked together to clean up after a middle school and high school track meet. This not only helped the environment but also the people who are responsible for the upkeep of the school grounds. “A couple of people who show acts of citizenship can turn their community, their school, or even the world into something great,” said Clayborn.

Speaking on behalf of the membership, Taylor Florea presented an Honorary Membership to Mrs. Michelle Powell who, after dedicating the last 15 of her 35 years of teaching to the students of Clinton-Massie, retired at the end of the year.

Vice President, Josh Hurley and members Emma Filipikowski, Matt Phillips, and Jalen Richardson the Educator Recognition Award to Mr. Dan McKay and Mrs. Holly Young for their contributions in the school community.

The following students are the newest members of the Clinton-Massie National Junior Honor Society: Seventh Grade: Caleb Adams, Jackelyne Allen, Kendall Anderson, Hannah Armstrong, Arissa Bailey, Nathan Baker, Amelia Binau, Luke Campbell, Alyssa Carter, Lindsey Carter, Patience Chowning, Carson Conrad, Kari Cragwall, Jared Crisenberry, Liza Duncan, Lucas Edgar, Brady Evans, Seth Goodall, Braxton Green, Savannah Henderson, Alyssa Hickey, Erika Keller, Lauren Kropp, Adin Lamb, Molly Lynch, Destiny Martin, Delaney Miller, Carly Moritz, Tate Olberding, Nolan Pringnitz, Katherine Riggle, Ben Ryan, Blake Seaman, Victoria Sivert, Wesley Vert, Mackynzi Vonderhaar, Allison Wallace, Ally Wellman, Vanessa Wilson, Paige Wood. Eighth Grade: Tyler Beam, Zach Chowning, Faith Cottrell, Mei Mei Davis, Logan Fisher, Nathan Gibbs, Tyler Greathouse, Dalton Jones, Paige Kleinholz, Faith Long, Jason Martin, Jakob Meranda, Macayla Mobley, Emilee Schweitzer, Drew Settlemyre.

Information for this article was provided by Diana Miller, who coordinates communications for several area schools.