East Clinton bond issue/levy passes, Clinton-Massie voters say no again

By Gary Huffenberger - ghuffenberger@wnewsj.com

East Clinton’s bond issue passed, Great Oaks’ renewal levy was approved, but Clinton-Massie’s earnings tax was defeated in Election Day voting.

East Clinton’s bond issue will fund construction of a new middle school, and upgrade the high school and the elementaries in Sabina and New Vienna.

East Clinton Local Schools Superintendent Eric Magee said Tuesday night he definitely wants to express gratitude to the East Clinton community. He added he thinks the community saw a need for the construction and renovation project.

The East Clinton district, he said, “is blessed with the hearts to invest in their students and their school for the future. The Board of Education and everyone here at the schools want to express their gratitude.”

The EC superintendent also wanted to thank the levy committee for getting the information out to the voters, and for “all the conversations they had throughout the community.”

As the planning process gets underway, the district will continue to seek community input on what those facilities need to have and what they should be like, said Magee.

The total millage of the ballot issue is 6.2 mills — which combines 5.7 mills for the bond and 0.5 mill to pay the cost to maintain the classroom facilities in the project.

The project consists of three main aspects, Magee said: Constructing a new middle school; constructing state-of-the-art high school science rooms, a Family and Consumer Sciences classroom, and a high school band room; and, renovating the two elementary buildings and the high school.

The state of Ohio is giving $11.5 million to assist East Clinton to complete the project.

The tax issue will cost an owner of a $100,000 residential property about $216 annually — or in other words, $18 monthly. Duration of the bond is set at 28 years.

A bond issue that built the East Clinton High School and two elementaries recently was paid in full. Those taxes were removed from East Clinton school district taxpayers in January 2018.

CM fails

The election news on the other side of the county was less favorable for Clinton-Massie schools.

Clinton-Massie Local Schools Superintendent Matt Baker said, “It goes without saying that the entire school district is saddened by the results of the vote.”

The children of Clinton-Massie Local Schools are the ones who will continue to lose out on opportunities because the district hasn’t passed an operating levy since 1988, said Baker.

“We will continue to work closely with the Clinton-Massie Board of Education to review the budget and find what cost-cutting measures may be needed as we look into our future,” the superintendent said.

However, he said it’s getting harder and harder to find places they can afford to cut staff and expenses to keep the budget balanced.

He thanked the levy support team for their work and long hours.

Baker said he is proud of how the staff has stayed student-centered during a very tumultuous time.

“I’m certain we will keep the children as our number one priority in all future decisions,” he said.

The Clinton-Massie school board came before voters Tuesday with a 0.5 percent (½ of 1 percent) earned income tax rate for the purpose of current expenses.

Flat state funding since fiscal year 2010, combined with not passing an operating levy in 30 years, have made Clinton-Massie delay or pass on capital projects, reduce staff and remove offerings for students, Baker recently told the News Journal.

Baker pointed out that the district has cut $3.7 million in spending since fiscal year (FY) 2010.

“In order to continue our storied tradition of high academic achievement and strong student offerings, we are asking the taxpayers to increase their support through an earned income tax,” he said prior to the election.

Great Oaks

The Great Oaks Career Campuses’ renewal levy requested that the current 2.7-mills operating levy be renewed at the same amount — an amount that’s not changed since 1988. The levy passed big in both Clinton and Warren counties, with totals of 9,392-5,132 in Clinton County and in Warren County the totals were 15,426-7,840. In Hamilton County (Cincinnati), it won by a margin of 30,122-15,041,

The Great Oaks system includes the Laurel Oaks campus in Wilmington serving the Blanchester, Clinton-Massie, East Clinton and Wilmington school districts.

In the past, the levy has had to be renewed every 10 years. This time, however, Great Oaks asked that the operating levy be made continual because this levy also pays for permanent improvements, construction and renovations.

The operating levy makes up two-thirds of Great Oaks’ budget. The rest of the funding comes primarily from the state of Ohio, with some federal grants making up the remainder.


(Unofficial; Clinton County totals only)


Clinton-Massie 0.5%/5-year earnings tax, additional

For 1,549

• Against 1,737

East Clinton 5.7 mills/28-year bond issue

• For 1,284

Against 924

Great Oaks 2.7 mills renewal/continuing

• For 9,392

Against 5,132

Clinton County Job & Family Services 1.1 mills/5-year additional

• For 8,431

Against 6,165

Village of Blanchester 0.5%/5-year income tax additional

For 449

• Against 791

Village of New Vienna 4 mills/5-year renewal

• For 221

Against 74

Village of Port William 1 mill/5-year renewal

• For 47

Against 11

Village of Port William 3 mills/5-year renewal

• For 47

Against 11

Adams East Fire District 3 mills renewal/1-mill increase

•For 358

Against 179

Clark Twp. EMS, 0.75 mill/5-year renewal

• For 509

Against 151

Clark Twp. Fire, 1 mill/5-year renewal

• For 501

Against 161

Marion Twp., Cemetery, 5 mills additional (excluding Village of Blanchester)

For 217

• Against 284

Sunday Sales, 1st Stop, New Vienna

• Yes 187

No 108

Liquor Permit, 1st Stop, New Vienna

• Yes 183

No 113


County Commissioner

Rhonda Wheasler (D) 3,319

• Mike McCarty (R) 11,285

County Auditor

• Terence Habermehl (R) 12,248

Common Pleas Judge

• John W. Rudduck (R) 11,994

State Rep., 91st District

Justin Grimes (D) 3,498

• Shane Wilkin (R) 10,970

State Senator

Scott Dailey (D) 3,476

• Bob Peterson (R) 11,014

U.S. Rep., 15th District

Rick Neal (D) 3,331

Johnathan Miller (L) 398

• Steve Stivers (R) 10,868

U.S. Senator

• Sherrod Brown (D) 4,530

Jim Renacci (R) 10,085

Ohio Governor

Richard Cordray (D) 3,562

Constance Gadell-Newton (G) 171

Travis Irvine (L) 333

Mike DeWine (R) 10,613

Ohio Attorney General

Steve Dettelbach (D) 3,831

Dave Yost (R) 10,772

Ohio Auditor

Zack Space (D) 3,305

Robert Coogan (L) 665

Keith Faber (R) 10,502

Ohio Secretary of State

Kathleen Clyde (D) 3,585

Dustin Nanna (L) 428

Frank LaRose (R) 10,516

Ohio Treasurer

Rob Richardson (D) 3,530

Robert Sprague (R) 10,838

Ohio Supreme Court (1/1/19)

Michael Donnelly 7,171

Craig Baldwin 5,046

Ohio Supreme Court (1/2/19)

Melody Stewart 6,122

Mary DeGenaro 5,965


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