Statement to WCS parents from the superintendent

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WILMINGTON — Regarding the social media threats that circulated against several schools across the nation Sunday — including Wilmington City Schools — WCS Superintendent Mindy McCarty-Stewart released a statement Monday evening that was sent to parents Monday.

“Wilmington City School district administrative team would like to thank staff, students, parents, community members, and local law enforcement for their cooperation, patience, and teamwork as we worked through the investigation of a concerning social media post on Sunday.

“With the quick response of the Wilmington Police Department on late Sunday afternoon, the district was able to confirm that the posted photo did not originate in or near our community. We were also able to quickly identify students who had both posted and re-posted the image.

“Even though the situation was under control, we fully understood the impact this incident could potentially have on both our students and parents and their decisions for the following day. Today (Monday) we honored parents’ decisions to keep their children at home as an excused absence.

“With continued cooperation from the Wilmington Police Department, we provide you reassurance that the threatening picture is being tracked by law enforcement. It has affected school districts across the state and has reached into other states as far as Anchorage, Alaska.

“Throughout the day today we have spent time investigating and addressing the decisions of a small number of our students who caused panic across our community by re-posting this image.

“We will continue to send a clear message that this will not be tolerated. In addition, we know it is also important to provide ongoing education for all our students on the appropriate use of social media as well as reporting safety concerns to adults in authority.

We encourage you to continue to report anything you see or hear that could be in question. We appreciate your partnership and ongoing support in keeping our schools safe.”

Police continue to investigate the matter.

News Journal