BPD: Lock your cars, help prevent thefts

By Scott Reinbolt - Chief of Police, - Blanchester



Since Oct. 11, Blanchester citizens have reported 25 instances of items being stolen from inside cars.

The stolen items include loose change and retail items that were inside the cars, such as clothing and electronics. All of the thefts occurred during overnight hours.

In each case, the victim’s car had been left unlocked.

Officers fingerprinted several of the cars that were entered, as well as items handled by the thief, and several fingerprints were lifted. Those prints are being sent to the Miami Valley Regional Crime Laboratory in Dayton for identification.

Like it or not, we live in a day and age in which theft is the chosen vocation for many, oftentimes to support a drug habit.

While we all certainly wish we lived in a time when anything could be left unlocked, anywhere, at any time, without fear of theft, those days are unfortunately gone.

We urge everyone in our community to lock up their homes, cars, sheds and garages and to watch out for suspicious people in their neighborhood at night.

If you see someone in the neighborhood who looks like they’re up to no good, please call the police right away.



By Scott Reinbolt

Chief of Police,