Nearly $13K locally to Salvation Army

By Neil Snarr - For the News Journal

Wilmington and Clinton County again had a banner year raising funds for the Salvation Army. The effort was led (again) by Polly Countryman, her daughter Carol Williams and Paul and Linda Eichelberger.

They raised $12,767.84 this year and all of the collecting was done with volunteers at the Wilmington Kroger – thanks Kroger!

When we add this amount to the previous 12 years when the effort was led by Polly Countryman and Tanya Snarr, we have a total of $129,441.62, an average of nearly $10,000 per year.

The volunteers came from the following church groups: St. Columbkille Catholic Church, First Baptist, Emmanuel Baptist, Assembly of God, Wilmington Friends, The Lutheran Mission Church, Chester Friends, First Christian, Community Church of New Vienna, Presbyterian Church, and many people unaffiliated with churches. (We hope we did not overlook any involved churches).

Each two-hour voluntary period was handled by one or two persons at each of the two entrances to the store. It took a minimum of eight volunteers each day on Friday and Saturday for five weeks, starting after Thanksgiving and ending before Christmas. Thanks to all of these many volunteers!

The money, which goes to the Salvation Army headquarters in Cincinnati, will be returned to Wilmington and Clinton County for local use. In Wilmington it makes available food vouchers at Kroger (via the Friends Church) and utility assistance at the Friends Church, and rental assistance through Community Action. These are only available once a year to clients.

Hopefully this effort will again take place next year, but there is always room for more individual volunteers and churches to become involved. Thanks again to Polly, Carol, Paul and Linda plus the local Kroger store.

By Neil Snarr

For the News Journal