Knights present check to foundation

By Diana Miller - For the News Journal

WILMINGTON — Representatives from the Wilmington Knights of Columbus were on hand during the November meeting of the Wilmington Schools Foundation to present the foundation with a check in the amount of $6000.

In February of each year, the Wilmington Knights of Columbus accept applications from non-profit organizations hoping to be selected as the charity recipient of Oktoberfest. Following a lengthy application and interview process, the Wilmington Schools Foundation (WSF) was named the 2015 Oktoberfest Charity.

According to Robert Stroebel, the Grand Knight of Columbus, “the participation, teamwork, and huge effort made by the Wilmington Schools Foundation is what made this year’s planning and execution the smoothest Oktoberfest ever. We know the money will be well spent to give students in Wilmington Schools and enhanced education experience.”

From March through September, WSF director Chasity Flanigan worked closely with the Knights of Columbus to plan the event which takes place the last weekend of September.

“While poor weather conditions did take a toll on event attendance,” said Flanigan, “I am grateful to the Knights of Columbus for the opportunity and to the all those who worked behind the scene and to those who weathered the elements to help make the event successful.”

Information for this article was provided by Diana Miller, who coordinates communications for several area schools.

By Diana Miller

For the News Journal