Lawsuit: Opioid maker considered move into addiction drugs

By The Associated Press

BOSTON (AP) — Newly public court documents allege that the company behind OxyContin considered selling anti-addiction drugs even as its powerful prescription painkillers were being blamed for helping spark a national opioid crisis.

On Thursday, the state attorney general’s office in Massachusetts made public its full allegations against Purdue Pharma, some of the company’s executives and eight members of the family that owns it.

Purdue had asked judges to keep some parts of the lawsuit confidential, but three courts ruled against them.

Part of the court filing cites a company memo in 2014 that found opioid addicts to be “an attractive market.” Purdue ultimately decided against getting into the drug-treatment business.

In a statement, a Purdue spokesman said the Massachusetts lawsuit seeks to vilify the company for a broader problem.

By The Associated Press