Turning the Corner widows group turns 30

‘Memories last forever, and life does go on’

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Turning the Corner is celebrating 30 years of existence — it was in February 1989 that Darleen Myers, then the County Extension Agent, ran an article in the News Journal suggesting the need for forming an organization for widows in and around Clinton County.

In general, women like to meet with others who share some of the same interests, and widows have at least one characteristic in common.

In February of 1989, approximately 30 ladies met at the home of Darleen Myers to discuss any interest in such an organization. One of the ladies brought a poem to share with the others: “Turning the Corner” by Edwina Reizer.

Several of the lines seemed to state our purpose: “Can we turn the corner and find something new? Or around the corner is there the same old view? That depends on what you seek, for you will always find a repeat of the same old, same old if that’s all that’s on your mind. So turn the corner and leave the nest and make the same old cease.”

Memories last forever and life does go on.

Members have come and gone, some to return again later. Members have been as young as 60 years of age and, last July, 2018, a member turned 100 years young; however, there is no age limit. There are no dues and no officers.

Each month a new member may arrive and maybe one member decides not to come back. Every member is called a week before the meeting to make reservations for the catered lunch.

The two requirements are: help two or three other members, one month out of the year, to plan the meal with the caterer and the program; and, be a widow.

Just as members of book club have one common interest, reading books, our being widows brings us together. We meet in the social room of the Presbyterian Church, 840 Timber Glen Dr., Wilmington, at 12:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of months March through December.

Our first meeting of 2019 will be on March 19. Mary Camp has volunteered to be the coordinator, and anyone interested in attending the meeting may call Mary at 937-382-7171 no later than March 15.

‘Memories last forever, and life does go on’

Submitted article