Spray-paint vandalism, including hate messages, of vehicles and homes being investigated

News Journal staff

WILMINGTON — Sugartree Street residents are seeking answers after several vehicles and homes were vandalized with spray paint.

Wilmington police officers responded to the 200 and 300 blocks of West Sugartree Street Thursday morning where they observed multiple houses and vehicles had been hit by red spray paint.

“There was a vast amount of damage from siding and pillars on homes to entire sides of vehicles with cursing and hate comments,” according to the police report.

“Many of the messages were focused at the individuals that live there.”

Those messages included profanity and vulgarity, derogatory messages about some residents’ religion, and comments directed against police.

Victims listed in the report include a 38-year-old female, a 76-year-old male and a 29-year-old female — all residents of West Sugartree Street. A 47-year-old male who resides on South Nelson Street is also listed as a victim.

“Incident remains under investigation as additional victims are added and investigation continues,” the report states.

There was another report of property damage at the 100 block of West Sugartree Street called in by a 36-year-old male, though the report does not list further details.

If anyone has information in regards to this, contact the Wilmington Police Department at 937-382-3833.


News Journal staff