Mayor-elect John Stanforth names Marian Miller executive assistant

Will resign council seat; GOP to fill

By Nathan Kraatz -

Marian Miller

Marian Miller

John Stanforth

WILMINGTON —Mayor-elect John Stanforth announced that current city council member Marian Miller will be his executive assistant.

Miller, who is an at-large member of council and who recently won election to the Fourth Ward, will have to resign her position on council. The Clinton County Republican Party will meet to appoint a new council member, according to party chair Tim Inwood.

Council will be asked to accept Miller as clerk of council.

The position is expected to pay a little more than $71,000 per year, according to staff at the city’s human resources and mayor’s offices. Duties include going over financial documents and preparing budgets, aiding in drafting legislation, researching and seeking grants for the city and, according to Stanforth, anything that benefits the city.

Miller said she hopes to be an aggressive representative for the city.

“My job is to pursue grants and to find opportunities to make the city shine,” Miller said. “(Stanforth) has been very clear that if my intention is to be of benefit to the city, to do it.”

Stanforth said he needed someone “that I know and could have absolute confidence and trust in.”

Stanforth and Miller met to discuss each other’s goals for the city, when Stanforth asked Miller to be his executive assistant.

Stanforth said he knew and observed Miller, watched how she carried herself and found she was articulate and dedicated.

Miller said she was “thrilled” by the opportunity “to serve with who I feel is a mayor with a vision (and) with unquestionable integrity,” even if the offer caught her off guard.

“I was completely surprised by the offer,” Miller said, adding that she initially declined it.

Miller told the News Journal that she first said no because it would be a career change, it would be hard to give up her recently won election and she didn’t want to disappoint those voters who elected her.

“When someone finally explained to me by taking this position it doesn’t undo all the hard work I did before, it helped me grow in the acceptance of the job offer,” Miller said. “I was elected to serve the city, which is a part-time position … and then somebody was generous enough to offer me the position to serve the city on a full time basis.

“How do you say no to that?” Miller asked. “My full-time job is what’s best for Wilmington.”

Miller worked as a national sales executive for Edict Systems in Beavercreek, a company that Miller said was great. She also has experience as a program manager and an office manager.

Miller will join Brian Shidaker, currently the city’s Law Director but soon to be the city’s safety and service director.

Last month, Stanforth told Randy Riley’s executive assistant Brenda Woods, Wilmington Public Transportation Director Phil Floyd and Maintenance and Repair Supervisor Dennis Gherman they wouldn’t need to return in January, when Stanforth takes office.

Stanforth hasn’t said if he’ll refill those last two positions. Woods recently filed to be a Clinton County commissioner candidate.

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Will resign council seat; GOP to fill

By Nathan Kraatz