EC set to cut loose with ‘Footloose’

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Everybody cut Footloose! “Footloose, The Musical” is hitting the stage March 1 and 2 at the Murphy Theatre in Wilmington for the 2019 East Clinton Musical.

This iconic story of the 1980s centers on a town where dancing is outlawed. When Ren McCormack (performed by Clayton Harrington) moves to town from Chicago, his love of dancing will butt heads with the adults of Bomont.

The cast and crew of East Clinton invite you to a night of laughing, singing … and dancing? Maybe.

Curtain time for the performance is 7 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at the high school or online at

In the town of Bomont Reverend Shaw Moore (Ethan Reedy) has taken a stand against juvenile delinquency including dancing. He and his wife Vi (Ariona Fair) are leaders of the town though the rebellious teens are not far from home.

Their daughter, Ariel (played by Astasia Fair), stays out past curfew, parties when she can, and even dates the town hooligan Chuck Cranston (Shane Lynch). When Ren McCormack comes to town, a dancing rebel may pave Ariel’s next way to act out.

Ariel’s pals Rusty (Regan Walker), Urleen (Alexous Fair), and Wendy (Lydia Denney) may be Holding Out for a Hero to free them from Bomont and its dance-less community, but will that hero come? Rev. Moore believes Heaven Helps the Man who fights for right. Footloose questions, who is right.

Other notable performances include Ethel McCormack (Alex Turner), the mother of Ren, and the comic relief in Willard Hewitt (played by Logan McPherson).

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