Wilmington Institute for Lifelong Learning — WILL — to resume in fall

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WILMINGTON — The Wilmington Institute for Lifelong Learning (WILL) is on a hiatus this spring and will continue with a full slate of courses for the 40-plus crowd this fall.

Established in 2009, WILL provides an authentic educational opportunity for persons interested in continuing to learn through nearly two dozen, six-week courses in the spring and fall. Founding director Margaret Guentert, a retired Wilmington College faculty member, has stepped down as WILL coordinator.

WC’s Anita Stanley, assistant to the vice president for academic affairs, is taking over as Guentert’s successor. Vice President Steve Szeghi praised Guentert for her key role in WILL’s nearly 10 years of service in the community.

“The College thanks Margaret for her commitment to both lifelong learning and the core values of Wilmington College — we wish her well in her future endeavors,” Szeghi said.

“Margaret nurtured this program from its beginning in 2009, attracting both outstanding seminar presenters and a loyal group of adult students with a passion for learning,” he added. “The College is pleased to continue WILL under the capable leadership of Anita Stanley.”

At a minimal cost to its students, WILL offers popular seminars on topics ranging from gardening, genealogy and religion to history, art, literature, medicine and even wine and barbecue.


News Journal