Police: Store clerk drank, threw bottle at customer

News Journal

BLANCHESTER — A convenience store employee was charged after police say she drank liquor from the store’s stock and threw a bottle at a customer.

On Tuesday evening, March 19, police were called to Tom’s Express Mart at 7529 Fairground Road. The proprietor of the store reported that an employee had become intoxicated on store liquor during her shift, and had thrown a small liquor bottle at a customer, according to a news release from the Blanchester Police Department.

“The responding officer spoke to the customer who confirmed that he entered the store to transact business earlier in the day when the clerk threw a small bottle at him and called him a vulgar name,” said Police Chief Scott Reinbolt. “The officer reviewed store video, which showed the clerk to be clearly intoxicated and consuming liquor from the store’s stock without paying for it.

”The proprietor terminated her employment but declined to participate in a prosecution for theft,” Reinbolt added.

He said the clerk was identified as Sarah Lovitt, 36, of the 200 block of Bourbon Street, Blanchester.

”The officer issued her a summons for disorderly conduct by reason of intoxication for her treatment of the store customer,” said Reinbolt. Lovitt will answer the misdemeanor charge in the Clinton County Municipal Court.


News Journal