Nutrition on tap at 1572 Roadhouse BBQ

Local Brausch Brewery helps fill the taps

By Shelley Taylor - For the News Journal

A new restaurant offers bold flavor and unique atmosphere at the Renaissance Festival, opening the weekend of June 17.

Is it true that beer can be nutritious? When you’re talking about craft beer, the answer is yes! Craft beer is made in a traditional, or non-mechanized way, by a small brewery. This traditional manner is used by our local Brausch Brewery, a process which contains all organic ingredients and lacks sulfites as well as chemical preservatives.

Boasting low counts of calories and carbohydrates, as well as being packed with antioxidant-laden vitamins and minerals, craft beer can be very beneficial for those who partake. Numerous studies have labeled craft beer as an important part of a nutrient-rich diet. Studies published by the University of California, Boston University School of Medicine, Journal of the American Medical Association, and the American Heart Associated Journal, along with Forbes Magazine, have confirmed the medicinal value of craft beers. However, moderation is the key — positive health benefits from craft beer are maximized when consumption by women is limited to 12 ounces daily, and for men, 24 ounces daily.

Craft beer is not only medicine for the body — disease prevention and overall good health — but also for the economy. Last year, this industry added 75,000 direct and indirect jobs to Ohio. It is also responsible for an additional $3.1 million in revenue. The cultivation of craft beer has experienced rapid growth in Ohio and across the country, stimulating economies as well as providing a healthy alternative to more mainstream alcoholic beverages.

With this exciting news, it’s an honor to share that 1572 Roadhouse BBQ — located inside the Ohio Renaissance Festival of Harveysburg — will be opening the weekend of June 17, during the Celtic Festival. While parking is the same lot as the Renaissance Festival, there will be a private entrance to the restaurant. 1572 BBQ will be open on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through Nov. 1.

The taste experience at 1572 Roadhouse BBQ will offer customers traditional beers and 12 taps that are reserved to highlight a revolving showcase of regional craft beers. Brausch Brewery has been chosen as one of the first supplier of one of the 12 taps.

Chris Cavendar, food connoisseur and organizer, said, “As I travel and eat at new restaurants, it is very disappointing with the options of complimenting beers. In food, the perfect marriage of flavors is BBQ and craft beer. It is all about the perfect flavor balance.

“The taste is the experience, and nutrition the side effect. Some people tell me they want nothing to do with black beer, and to you I would answer, have you ever tasted a drink made from the hickory tree where syrup was extracted and the ingredients were pure? If not, why? How about a beer made of oatmeal and peanut butter? Sour apple? Cherry? Coffee?”

Both 1572 Roadhouse BBQ and Brausch Brewery welcome and require community support. Applicants interested in part time and seasonal servers are encouraged to apply. In addition, Brausch Brewery is seeking a local barley grower.

Local Brausch Brewery helps fill the taps

By Shelley Taylor

For the News Journal