Claim what is ‘Rightfully Yours’

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Wilmington native Susan Smith has reintroduced Rightfully Yours, a business to assist people locating and claiming monies currently in the possession of the State of Ohio Unclaimed Funds Department. According to the state, over 200,000 Ohioans lose track of their funds every year, and there is currently $1 billion in the custody of the state.

Smith holds a certification issued by the state as a finder to assist individuals claim monies. She said that as a finder, she had to go through an application process which included letters of recommendation and BCI/FBI background checks; her certification was approved by the Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of Unclaimed Funds.

“I have this strong desire to help people, and for me, this seems to be something I am being lead to do,” Smith said. “I keep remembering a widower in Kettering who I assisted in finding over $15,000 that she had no idea existed. That money made a huge impact in her life, as well as mine.”

As a finder, Smith said she will have access to information about all accounts held in possession of the State of Ohio Unclaimed Funds. Initially, she will be sending out letters to those people who have unclaimed funds. In this letter, she will provide information about the funds, and will also supply the phone number that you can call to start the process, and to claim the funds themselves with the state. Nothing is owed Smith for this.

She will also provide information on how you can contact her if you need her assistance. If you choose to have Smith assist you, she would charge 5-10 percent of the amount of the unclaimed funds.

If you have any questions, [email protected] or call 937-728-4505.

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