Dixon in Ohio Commodores Association

Clinton County businessman and former Clinton County Economic and Business Development Director Bret Dixon was recently inducted as a member of the Executive Order of the Ohio Commodores Association.

Membership in the Executive Order of the Ohio Commodores is only possible through appointment by Ohio’s governor in recognition for outstanding contributions to the economic development of the State of Ohio. It is considered Ohio’s “most distinguished honor” according to the organization.

The association boasts a diverse and dedicated membership of over 200 men and women. Members include government officials such as members of the governor’s cabinet; university professors and administrators; leaders of trade associations and economic development organizations; and senior executives of manufacturers.

Founded by Ohio Governor James A. Rhodes in 1966 during a ceremony at the Perry Monument at Put-In Bay, the Association of Ohio Commodores has been in existence for 46 years. Named for the hero of the Battle of Lake Erie in 1813, Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, Governor Rhodes established the Executive Order of the Ohio Commodores (which encompasses membership in the association) to honor 60 Ohio businessmen who accompanied him on Ohio’s first international trade mission.

Since then, over 300 men and women have been appointed to the Executive Order of the Ohio Commodore as recognition of their contributions to economic development in their communities, and to the State of Ohio.

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