Blan man charged with disorderly conduct

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BLANCHESTER —A Blanchester man was charged with disorderly conduct by reason of intoxication after a Tuesday incident.

At around 4 p.m. Tuesday police were called to 7505 Brock Drive. According to Police Chief Scott Reinbolt, an officer arrived and spoke with Christopher Morales, 26, of Tampa, Florida, who said he was selling steaks door to door for the Iowa Steak Company.

“When he approached the front door of 7505 Brock Drive, before getting to the door, Morales said a man, who appeared to be intoxicated, came out the front door and told him to leave the property, which he did,” said Reinbolt.

The man was later identified by officers as Andrew Smith, 45, of 7505 Brock Drive, Reinbolt said.

“Morales stated he then went to other homes in the neighborhood and returned to his truck and found Smith seated in the passenger seat,” said Reinbolt. “Morales’ co-worker, Paul Hillis of West Chester, Ohio, was seated in the driver’s seat of the truck watching a movie on his cell phone and told officers he didn’t immediately notice the man sitting in the passenger seat.

“Morales told the officer he asked Smith to get out of the truck and he refused,” Reinbolt continued. “Morales said he then tried to physically remove Smith from the truck, but was unsuccessful. Hillis then asked Smith to get out of the truck, and he did so, but not before grabbing the keys from the ignition. A struggle between Morales and Smith over the keys ensued, culminating in Morales punching Smith in the face, at which point he was able to retrieve the ignition keys and he and Hillis drove off.”

Officers went to Smith’s residence to speak to him and “after several attempts were able to get him to come to the door,” said Reinbolt.

“He was found to be in a state of intoxication, telling officers he consumed ‘plenty’ of alcoholic beverages. Smith claimed to have no recollection of being in the truck or of any confrontation with Morales or Hillis.”

Smith will answer the charge in the Clinton County Municipal Court.

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