Back to church: Hope is here for you

By David Brown - Contributing columnist

This Sunday is “National Back to Church Sunday” as churches from coast to coast join together in welcoming people back for the activities of the summer. There are over 15,000 churches participating in this special Sunday as we invite people back to church.

This year the theme is “Hope is Here.” Some churches will be planning special events along with this uplifting message of hope.

Locally there are a number of churches participating in this special event. If you are looking to locate which churches are participating, you can go to “Welcome Back to Church Sunday” at the website and at the top they have a tab that shows you a map with the location and name of the church.

We understand that at the time of the summer months you can find yourself and your family running from one event to another. You may have overlooked or simply forgot about attending church.

Now we get in the slower pace of the fall and determine that we all need to examine our faith walk. It is time to look at going back to church, be it in-person or via Facebook, YouTube, or whatever social media you use.

Most churches offer Bible study, Sunday School, support groups like MOPS and DivorceCare, to name just a few to help you and your family. This is a time to attend church to rediscover the Hope that only people of faith can provide.

Hope to see you Sunday at the Church of your choice.

David Brown is Pastor of the Sabina United Methodist Church.

This weekly column is provided to the News Journal on a monthly rotation basis by members of the Wilmington Area Ministerial Association.

By David Brown

Contributing columnist