Believers gather in celebration

David Brown - Contributing columnist

This Sunday is World Communion Sunday, where 2.5 billion Christians from over 136 countries from all over the world come together in celebration. We will all gather as one Church to share in commemorating the Last Supper of Jesus Christ.

I wonder what challenges each of those people face in their life to come to this table to remember. I can hardly wait to see the communion table in heaven when we get to see it in person — a table set for the believers.

We come to remember that, at that Last Supper, Jesus was betrayed by one of the disciples for 30 pieces of silver. We are called to remember that this Last Supper was during the special Jewish ceremony celebration by the Jews called Passover.

It was during the annual celebration where the Jewish people remember how the living God Yahweh sent the Angel of Death to the country of Egypt. The firstborn would be taken by anyone who did not have the blood of a lamb on their door and doorpost. The mark of blood upon the door identified them as the people of God.

Jesus was surrounded by his disciples, though at the time they did not know it would be their last meal with Jesus. The Last Supper became the Christian Passover Meal.

Jesus remembers that during the first Passover that the Hebrew people were in such a rush to leave that they made the bread without the yeast to raise the bread. He remembered the blood of the lamb that was used to mark the door of the believers in Yahweh.

Jesus raised the bread and broke it, saying. “This is my body broken for you, remember.” Jesus then lifted the cup and said, “This is my blood shed for you, remember.”

Then He shared his body and his blood with His disciples.

Today, as brothers and sisters from around the world, we come together as one people, the people of Yahweh. We come to examine ourselves before we eat the bread or drink from the cup. We come to remember and partake Jesus into us to become one people seeking the mercy of Jesus Christ.

May we never forget the love that He has for us. Amen.

David Brown is Pastor of the Sabina United Methodist Church.

This weekly column is provided to the News Journal on a monthly rotation basis by members of the Wilmington Area Ministerial Association.

David Brown

Contributing columnist