Truly a day like no other

Byron McGee - Contributing columnist

At the time of his writing, Easter Sunday is all but over, but the significance of what it means to those who believe in the Resurrection is not lost.

I remember Easter Day growing up as a young child, shopping for clothes, waking up to a basket with jelly beans, a chocolate Easter bunny, colored eggs and all the traditional trappings of the day.

Attending sunrise service and then morning service. The gathering of family for dinner and, as usually happens, eating too much food, and of course dessert. And I almost forgot the Easter egg hunts and trying to get that prize egg.

What Resurrection Sunday really has come to mean for us is the belief found in the basic tenet of our faith, that this singular event has changed the world forever.

Remembering the events of that first resurrection day, on the first day of a new week the women went to anoint Jesus’ body. Instead they found the empty tomb and were told by an angel, “He Is Not Here for He has Risen.” Matt 28:6. This is the first confirmation that He had risen from the grave.

Paul helps us further by affirming facts that resurrection is true. 1 Cor 15:3 lets us know that Christ died for our sins, according to the scriptures, was buried, he was raised on the third day according to the scripture then Paul lists for us the eyewitnesses to this monumental moment in history.

Christ showed Himself to Cephas, then to the twelve, he appeared also to 500 brethren at one time, James and the apostles, and last but not least Paul himself.

The resurrection is not some hoax, neither is it a figment of someone’s imagination, but a literal fact of history and established by God through his Word.

The importance of the resurrection establishes a hope and assuredness for all who know Jesus.

Our Lord’s resurrection power is now given to those who believe in his birth, death, and resurrection. Colossians 3:1 “If you have been raised with Christ ‘and we have’ seek the things that are above…” the resurrection requires a change in our heart and mind.

The motivation of accepting the resurrection brings us back into a right relationship with Christ. We are now reconciled back to God.

Resurrection is defined as event in which something dead comes back to life. This Resurrection Sunday and subsequent Sundays, note that it is central to the New Testament, and foundational for the theology of the church this central event marks us as Christians.

Our savior is not dead in a tomb but alive and seated beside His Father interceding on our behalf. Our debt was paid and stamped paid in full on that Resurrection Day.

So every time we meet on the Lord’s Day, remember He got up from the grave for you and all who believe in Jesus. Celebrate and worship Him every chance you gather in service to honor and glorify him.

I hope your Easter was a blessed day and that this week you have lived in the Resurrection power of our Lord and Savior. The Lord Bless.

Byron McGee is Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Wilmington.

Byron McGee

Contributing columnist