Responding to the call in a big way, departments help at Blanchester fire

I want to recognize the professional Wilmington dispatcher who was working during the early morning fire on March 20 in Blanchester. That fire took out several businesses on South Broadway, West Main and Wall Street.

During 57 years in the fire service, I have never experienced such a great dispatcher as she, with all the radio traffic and other calls she was taking for Wilmington at the time. Wilmington City Council and the mayor should be proud of this lady.

When the call went out for 100 firefighters, 105 showed up. When the call for more fire engines went out, 16 showed up with five tower trucks, two from Wilmington. With seven fire hydrants being used, the call went out requesting the need of tankers, and 22 showed up. The call for EMS units went out, five showed up with 15 EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians).

These units came from four different counties. The dispatcher handled all this, and never interfered with command traffic at the scene.

The county should be proud to know that in a big emergency, help is just a prayer away. Several first-responders missed a day’s work, some missed a day’s pay.

This fire was so intense as firefighters arrived on the scene that five Blanchester fire trucks were themselves damaged. Repairs are being made at this time, costing over $7,000.

Donald Walker,

Fire Chief

Blanchester-Marion Township Fire District