Teamwork makes for a lucky dog

Some people are cruel, some people are kind and compassionate and help dogs and cats. My friend Carla Teboe falls in the latter category.

Unfortunately, a sweet dog recently was dumped out of a car and forced to fend for itself. This was about two to three weeks ago and you know how the weather has been during this time. Carla learned about this dog and tried and tried to get it.

The dog sat in the street and was sure to get hit or starve if left on its own. My friend could not catch the dog, so she called the dog warden. Carla went out day and night to track the dog’s whereabouts, and set out food usually from Newham Street back to Wall Street in Wilmington.

She was able to pretty much pinpoint the dog’s regular travels, so Rex Doak, the Clinton County dog warden, was able to set up a trap.

I got a call from Carla today. The dog went in the trap that Rex had set up. Per Rex, what a sweet dog. So, tell me, isn’t this a lucky dog? Off to a good home it will go!

Peggy Kieffer