Tail is wagging the dog

Some years ago, I read that newspaper readers read the comic strips first and that many go no further. Can this be true?

A while back, Pastor Campbell’s plea for God to save the United States was printed. Based on a community health needs assessment report that was the subject of a News Journal article this winter, maybe we should ask God to save Clinton County.

The health needs assessment report informed us that substance abuse is our county’s No. 1 health concern. Since substance abuse is illegal, sounds like the tail is wagging the dog.

The published reports of the activities of the police and sheriff’s departments also give us food for thought. It is without doubt that we have good police and sheriff’s departments. Unfortunately, much of their time is taken by mature adults acting like spoiled adolescents.

The Municipal Court news often reads like a news article for a social gathering. The key words seem to be Suspended, Reduced, Amended, and Vacated. Sounds a bit like: a pinch to the cheek, a pat on the butt, a hot sandwich or a hearty “come back and see me.”

Unlike heart disease, diabetes, cancer and more, substance abuse is a matter of choice. It is self-inflicted and above all, it is illegal. How has it been allowed to reach such magnitude? Maybe why?

Are we listening?

Miles L. Barrere