Concerned with our country’s future

I am reminded of a line from a popular song from the Vietnam era, “Where have all the flowers gone?”

My question is: Where is my country, where has my country gone?

Is this the country I helped defend from ages 17 to 38 while in the Air Force (starting in 1948)? I met many patriots during that time and was proud to be with them.

We thought we were first-class citizens of the greatest country in the world and that we were probably somewhat more intelligent than average (air traffic controllers). Maybe a few of my friends tried to walk with a little swagger (not me of course).

We didn’t realize then that we were part of the “deplorables”. I was overseas three times for a total of almost nine years and I don’t think anyone back home thought I was deplorable. I felt like I was treated with respect in all cases.

Is this the country that enabled me and my wife (two kids from the Depression) to be able to rise from a situation where I had $10 in my pocket to a comfortable, middle-class life?

We saw the opportunities and did the required study and work. During our marriage of almost 65 years, we raised four productive taxpayers and helped raise eight grandsons, all good citizens.

One of the grandsons is presently on his second tour as a volunteer with AmeriCorps. He and his team just completed a tour of helping flood victims in eastern Kentucky.

I am concerned with the future of our country. Why do so many of our young people seem to have a “death wish”, taking drugs sold on the street? If the demand went away, there would be no sellers and the chaos would end. I am afraid there will not be anyone with the mental and physical ability to defend us when we are attacked again.

It is a sorry state of affairs when I now feel duty-bound to discourage my grandsons from volunteering for military service (call it self protection).

We need a change! We need a great deal of decent leadership in Washington, D.C.

Let us pray for our country!

Larry A. Stanley