Rosenberger throws away public’s trust

Cliff Rosenberger is turning out to be just another political fat cat.

Well on his way to being the person who could make or break someone’s political dreams, Rosenberger threw away a promising career that just three years ago saw him, at age 33, become Ohio House Speaker with the largest Republican majority in nearly a half century.

Power and perks were the apples from the forbidden tree that led to his collapse. It came in the form of lavish travel, fine food and high living. However, not until the FBI launched an investigation and he resigned from office did it come to light.

Rosenberger had used funds from his campaign and the House GOP caucus to pay for more than $310,000 of food, catering and drinks; $150,000 to pay for lodging, travel and car rentals; $70,000 for flowers and gifts; and more than $30,000 on giveaway coins that bore his signature and the state seal.

Of course Rosenberger denies any wrong doing. In announcing his resignation, he said the inquiry could take months or even years to resolve, and noted, “Ohioans deserve elected leaders who are able to devote their full and undivided attention to (lawmaking)… I take this step with full confidence in my ultimate vindication.”

Ohioans deserve honest and ethical lawmakers.

Whatever his reason, resigning from office was the proper thing for Rosenberger to do.

— The Lima News