Profile: Clinton County Juvenile Court

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The staff of the Clinton County Juvenile Court.

The staff of the Clinton County Juvenile Court.

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Editor’s Note: This is the fifth of 13 weekly columns on Clinton County departments leading up to the celebration of the courthouse’s 100th anniversary celebration. Today’s column features the Clinton County Juvenile Court.

Judge Chad L. Carey and his appointed staff of Clinton County Juvenile Court serve the residents of Clinton County by hearing all cases involving children under 18 years of age for allegations of abuse, neglect, and dependency who are in need of services, also delinquency/unruly and traffic violations concerning children under the age of 18.

Delinquent/unruly cases are criminal cases if committed by an adult but are committed by children or youth.

The Court also hears custody, visitation, and child support where the mother and father where never married, and grandparent visitation rights.

The Clinton County Juvenile Court staff consists of: Chad L. Carey, Judge; Mark J. Miars, Magistrate; Christina Poe, Chief Deputy Clerk; Melanie Hill, Deputy Clerk Cassandra Greene, Deputy Clerk; Kayla Love, Deputy Clerk; Joe Allen, Senior Court Bailiff; Tim Tyree, Court Bailiff; and Kim Vandervort, CASA Director.


Juvenile Court was first started in Chicago, Illinois in 1899. Then in that decade was adapted to Cuyahoga County, Ohio as a Court to deal with adults contributing to the delinquency and neglect of children. It came to Clinton County some years later.

The Juvenile Court was first housed in a room off of the Probate Clerk space and later moved in the 1940’s to its current own location on the second floor of the Courthouse. It is believed the location we now call home was the space of the County Engineer when the Courthouse was first built in 1919.

Office hours are 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday

The staff of the Clinton County Juvenile Court. staff of the Clinton County Juvenile Court. Courtesy photo

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