It’s your choice for better health

By Rhonda Kissick - For the News Journal

Does what you choose to eat cure you of all your ills? Probably not, but your diet does play a key role in preventing and improving certain diseases.

There are many chronic conditions that can improve with diet, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, and chronic inflammation, to name a few.

While medications and other treatments or procedures are important, adopting a healthier diet is also beneficial.

You’ve heard it before — diet and exercise — and it’s true. Eating healthier and moving more can mean big changes in how you feel.

Are you committed for the long run? If you have a medical condition that needs improving or if you just want to be healthier, you have to decide what changes you are willing to make.

Do you think you could use less salt, choose leaner meat\protein foods, include fruits and veggies with meals and snacks, use more herbs and spices, and eat more whole grains? Or, what about taking a walk or playing outside with your kids? The choice is yours.

Making small changes over time can lead to long-term success. The bottom line is that you will feel better. Your mood will improve, you’ll feel stronger, you’ll have fewer digestive issues, less stress, fewer doctor visits, fewer prescription medications … and the list goes on and on.

A registered dietitian and your physician can make recommendations and even develop a personalized plan. Or, take a look at the USDA website,, for guidance. It can help you get started by providing general information or even design a plan with you in mind.

The whole idea is to come up with something that is practical. But, in the end, it is up to you to carry it through. It’s your choice.

Rhonda Kissick RD, LD is with Clinton County WIC/Health District.

By Rhonda Kissick

For the News Journal